Audio buoy helps blind swimmers

Audio sensors fitted on buoys in the sea can help people with visual impairment better enjoy swimming in open water.

Helen Long reports.

check your answers


Audio buoy helps blind swimmers

correct the sentences

  1. A dip in the ocean is a simple pleasure for blind swimmers.
  2. The audio aid can be found on beaches across the South of France.
  3. The boys can be found every fifty metres.
  4. The man interviewed is the local mayor.
  5. The swimmer pushes buttons on the sensors to find out where they are.
  6. The swimmer interviewed believes that blind swimmers are confident swimmers.
  7. The blind swimmers have no sense of direction.
  8. The buoys become unstable at high tide.
  9. The sensors are ready to be rolled out.
  10. The guide-dogs also enjoy a swim.

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