A Christmas Carol 1 - some of the characters

A Christmas carol engraving in black & white

Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

Scrouge and Marley b&w engraving

Scrooge and Marley's ghost

Read/listen to a summary of the story

(Read the story and then match the characters to their descriptions here.

When you have done this exercise, listen again and correct the summary)

Vocabulary and notes

Question 1 of 1

When you have read or listened to the story, try and identify the characters below, even some whose names you have not heard?

Select a question from the list below...

Mrs. Cratchit

Jacob Marley

Tiny Tim

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come


Martha and Belinda Cratchit

Charles Dickens


The Ghost of Christmas Past



Ebenezer Scrooge

Peter Cratchit

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Bob Cratchit

Ignorance and Want

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Scrooge's former business partner who died 7 years ago, and appears in the story as a ghost.

Scrooge’s poorly-paid clerk, and the father of several children

Bob Cratchit's wife

a ghost who shows Scrooge how Christmas is experienced by many in the society of the day.

a ghost who spells out what the future will hold if Scrooge continues living the way he does, with the priorities and values he has at present.

a ghost who accompanies Scrooge on a journey back into his past

two of Bob's daughters

the author of many novels who exposed many of the social evils he saw in Victorian times.

a young woman to whom Scrooge was once engaged.

Scrooge's nephew

a merchant to whom Scrooge was apprenticed as a youth.

the main character in 'A Christmas Carol'.

Bob’s youngest son

Bob's eldest son

Scrooge’s sister who died when he was young.

the names of two children who are victims of poverty and neglect.

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