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In this section you will find 4 exercises from the main site to help you progress your English skills.

We have selected a range of tasks that will help with all aspects of language learning including:

  • grammar quizzes

  • listening exercises

  • readings

  • news bulletins

We know that you will enjoy doing these and that they will help you to develop your language skills.

We also feature 'The diary of a 21st Century nobody' - exclusively here. This is a lighthearted look at everyday living for a family in this new century. There will be a new episode each month.

To complement this we run the original Diary of a Nobody - (written in 1888/89) with exercises to help you with your vocabulary and comprehension.

To choose your exercise from the selection just click on the titles in the pink panel on the right of this page. We can alert you when they arrive on site (set this in your member home) or subscribe to the rss feed to get an instant reminder!

Don't forget - in Member Home you can create your own space with pictures, pages, and a contribution to the Wiki!

You can also create your own blog! Why not use our two diaries here as inspiration and create your own!

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If you like these then why not consider signing up for full Gapfillers membership where you will get 4 new exercises every day!! Plus access to all the archived material (we now have over 350 grammar exercises in the bank!!).

There are over 7,000 pages of English language exercises on site all at Upper Intermediate and Advanced level and all using language taken from real life!!


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Sat, 16 Jun 2012
The People's Theatre

The Diary of a 21st century nobody

Exclusive to Gapfillers! Read the instalments here


Read the original Diary of a nobody

Check out the inspiration for Gapfillers' Diary of a 21st Century nobody.

Read the chapters here

Check out the exercises for each chapter here


The Recipe Bank

You will find recipes here and in the Wiki now.

Take a look, and put some of your favourite recipes there for other people to try!


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