At last, a step by step guide to passing EVERY SINGLE PART of the IELTS exam at band 7 or 8



Attention: IELTS students in both Academic and General Training Modules


Finally, How to get everything you need for every part of the exam and transform your IELTS preparation and it's easier than you think!


Yes, You Can Transform Your IELTS PREPARATION - Literally in WEEKS - When You Follow this Step by Step Approach


This Is THE Solution To The Biggest Problem That You Face As an IELTS STUDENT- HOW TO GET great advice, tips AND useful practice ALL IN ONE PLACE and ALL sent to you every daywithout you having to do anything to find it !! This Is The ADVICE I Teach My VIP students -And Now I'm Ready To Share It With You.


Dear IELTS Student


Are You On Top of your IELTS practice? Or is it making you frustrated?

I understand the frustration you feel when you're doing all you can and giving all you've got and yet it's still not coming together.


And the first thing I want to say to you is that ALL those problems can disappear - for good - when you take and use the strategies that are available to you on this programme.

Some people will tell you that the answer is to 'do more practice' improve your IELTS by going through test after test doing lots of exercises to improve your skills and eventually you'll get to where you want to be. And they're right - to a point. But when you're already maxed out time-wise and you've used up all the materials you have, how exactly can you hope to move forwards? There's a good chance you've already tried everything around and realised just how difficult it is to improve your skills by yourself however much advice you can find.


There IS 'another way'

There is another way to get both the English skills and the IELTS result you desire, and move on with your career, your study and your life


There IS an answer to the uncertainty and the worry that you might not get the band you want - and it is to learn the strategies and techniques you need to make sure that you are on track for the result you crave.


Here's the answer: less is more. Doing a little every day which is focused and clear beats spending hours and hours going through test after test and not being sure.


What would YOU prefer? To continue struggling on searching for the right materials to help you to get to the IELTS band you seek, not really knowing if the exercises are going to help you or are right for you? Or to have a daily lesson which has been well crafted to ensure you will be on track and what is more, have it sent directly to you so you don't even have to spend time looking for what you need? Do you really want to continue to struggle on alone when you can have advice and support right at your fingertips?


And, when you're working with focused, well-developed material, daily advice and tips AND SUPPORT THAT YOU CAN REALLY TRUST- you can REALLY focus on practising the things YOU need to improve your skills and get tangible results. So, this has to be the best way to set yourself up to be the best you can be and move quickly towards your goal.


And let me make it REALLY clear - this isn't just about doing more test practice - it's about focusing on the specific techniques that are proven to get the results YOU want - and focus YOUR practice so that everything you do will show you an improvement in your skills.


So once I show you WHAT you need to do - YOU can get on and do it easily as you will receive everything you need every day to make progress.


Do you have these questions?

What is the best way to improve listening at IELTS?

How can I do Yes, No, Not Given and Headings in IELTS reading?

What are the strategies for Band 7 reading?

How do I get band 7 in writing?

How can I get more speaking practice?

How long does it take to go from band 6 to band 7?

Why does my writing stay at 6.5 when all the other scores are 7 and above?


The good news!


The good news is, I know the answers to ALL of these questions, and more. You see, my experience as both an examiner and an IELTS trainer means that I know not only what YOU need to do but also HOW you need to do this to be successful. I can show you step-by-step exactly what YOU need to do and HOW you need to do it.


I'm thorough, I do my research. I tracked down other IELTS teachers, course book writers and IELTS experts who could help me too. I spent hours looking at other tips and advice (as well as my own) and invested time and money in extra training for me to get this figured out.




I sat down and thought about HOW I could get this information into YOUR hands


Make no mistake, the strategies, advice and information I am sharing with you here is the NUMBER ONE way to make sure that you are well prepared in every single aspect of the IELTS test - and not just that, it's the FASTEST way too.


This is the way to focus on your IELTS and English while simultaneously stopping the fear of not knowing exactly what to do - so if improving your band score in EVERY part of the IELTS is something you WANT to do - then now you can finally do it!


How to improve your IELTS Step by Step


There's no need to over-complicate this. You too can get to the IELTS band that you really want when you follow this step-by-step approach


  1. follow the advice you get each day and do the practice exercises
  2. go the 'extra mile' to really dig deep and get your English skills to the level you need for the band you want
  3. commit to being the best you can be by making sure you follow everything, every day, step by step


And the results are FAST!

The good news is it won't take you anywhere near the time it takes if you do this alone.


That's because when I find something that works in my teaching, I'm the sort of person who wants to improve it and then share it with my students, so I have used all these techniques in my teaching and have seen the results that all the different techniques and advice can bring. But now I'm bringing all of these together in one easy to follow programme.


Here are some students who used these techniques - and the results speak for themselves:

I wanted to impress the examiner to get a good band

My IELTS result was always the same - reading, speaking and listening band 7, my writing band 6.5. Berni showed me that my biggest problem with writing was trying to express ideas that I had in my head in Russian into English. I wanted the examiner to see how great my ideas and opinions were and wouldn't agree that making this impression wasn't important. Finally I tried to express ideas that were less great (in my opinion) but that were good in my English - it worked!

Finally I got my 7 (with an 8 in listening as a bonus!).

At last I could start my career again and bring my family to the UK and start a new part of our lives

Stepan is a doctor.



After 4 times of trying I got my 7 in reading!

Once I started working with Berni I realised how much time I was wasting in my reading test - no wonder I didn't get Band 7! Berni showed me how to cut out all the unnecessary steps. She told me I should only skim for information I needed. This saved me so much time! I could spend more time with the questions. The result - Band 7.5!

Johan - a nurse


I used English every day in my job and all my education was in English but the IELTS still eluded me!

I couldn't understand it. I studied hard but only got band 6s.I needed 7s and really wanted 8s. Berni helped me and showed me that although I had a lot of English I wasn't applying it well to the tasks. I was like a 'headless chicken' running in all directions!

We worked hard on applying my English and step by step my scores improved. In my exam finally I got 7s and 8s, that was enough to get my visa for Australia and move on to my new and exciting life!

Dennis - project manager


This step-by-step approach WORKS like nothing else - to get you the band score you want - FAST!


Imagine yourself, just a few short weeks from now, waking up in the morning and feeling that sense of peace and calm, because you've transformed your IELTS practice and are getting the English and IELTS results you WANT - and now you can relax more and focus your time and energy on really preparing for the exam with more peace of mind.


Imagine how great it will feel to see amazing results from your practice, to really know what it is you have to do to make your English better and your IELTS practice more effective


Oh, and if your time is limited, won't it be great to have a step-by-step programme that delivers the practice straight to you and fits around your work and other responsibilities?


Now I want to put this programme into YOUR hands


You'll learn ALL my best techniques and strategies for EFFECTIVE IELTS PREPARATION so you can begin to focus on the details that will help you get the band you want. NOW, when you get your hands on "IELTS Step by Step" you'll NEVER look back and ONLY move forwards.


This is the ONLY programme available that walks you through EXACTLY how to:


  • Test your overall English level against the IELTS band you want

  • Approach each test effectively with effective techniques explained and tips on how to make sure you can use these

  • Practise actual IELTS exercises with each technique to make sure you really understand how these work

  • Find speaking partners to practise online and improve speaking skills

  • Share your work with other IELTS students and teachers so that you can improve your skills and discuss these techniques and approaches

  • Get real support when you need it from experienced IELTS teachers.


"IELTS Step by Step" is designed specifically for IELTS students who are ready to really step up with their practice and focus on what they NEED to do to get the band they WANT - making more progress more quickly, creating greater confidence and really understanding HOW to get success at IELTS.


Here's just a sampling of what I cover IN DETAIL in "IELTS Step by Step":




Get listening skills that allow you to go into the detail of what you hear and pick out even small bits of information.


Here's what we'll cover:


  • How to listen effectively not just for comprehension but also for DETAIL - this is what you have to do in the IELTS exam


  • Why it is important to understand how to choose the right key words to help you make sure you keep up with what you hear


  • How to use the preparation time (30 seconds) to prepare the questions effectively


  • How the language in the instructions and the questions can help you to get more from the listening


  • How to manage each type of question in the test


  • What skills you need to maintain your listening level as the test gets harder



After the writing, the reading test most often gets the lowest score so it's important to learn all the techniques that will help you to find the right answers and quickly


The truth is, it's NOT really about reading at all. Wait, don't stop reading. It's about using the questions to locate information in the text that will give you the answers. This needs techniques and strategies that you really need to master.


We'll cover:


  • What to read and what not to read to save time and get the best results


  • What the difference between skimming and scanning REALLY is and when to use each of these skills


  • How to approach each type of question and make sure you can find the right answers


  • How to identify different types of key words in the questions and how to use these


  • Common errors made with the reading that cost you time and marks


  • The 3 steps you need to take right at the beginning of each passage to get the topic and save you time



The writing part of the test probably takes the longest to improve and is the part that can contain the most errors.

Once you master the techniques to writing you can write quickly and control your writing to minimise errors.


We'll cover:


  • How to interpret the questions so that you are certain of the type of essay to write


  • How to plan effectively so that your plan helps you to write well AND saves you time


  • What language to use in each type of writing (academic and general training)


  • The best way to check your writing for errors


  • The 3 steps you must take BEFORE you begin to write


  • Why it is NOT your job to teach your examiner about the topic but it is your job to convince them of your ideas



This should be the most enjoyable part of the IELTS exam and the one in which you can really demonstrate your ability on your own terms


We'll cover:


  • How to enjoy the speaking and gain confidence so that nerves in the exam won't affect your performance too much


  • How to prepare a range of topics with great vocabulary


  • How to be more effective in each part and show both fluency and spontaneity


  • How best to use the preparation time for Part 2


  • How to use the listening part of your practice to help your speaking


  • How you can get regular practice to improve your speaking skills by a mile!


Great English language skills:

Of course, the real key to the IELTS is great English language skills. The better these are the better you will perform.


We'll cover:


  • Daily general language to keep your skills developing


  • The grammar and vocabulary you need to improve your writing and speaking


  • English exercises to help you with your listening and reading skills (it is the skills that you need to improve the most to get the results you want at IELTS)


  • Mastery over the language you already have so that it can be used better and more effectively


Great Confidence:

Without confidence it will be difficult to perform well however good your English. This programme will help you to build your confidence so that when you reach the exam you will be excited about using the exam to demonstrate your ability in English and not be worried about what the examiner is looking for.


As you can see, this covers EVERY aspect of Improving English skills and preparing for EVERY PART of the IELTS EXAM


Here are some people who are on the Step by Step programme now:


Valeria told me:

I would like you to say how you and your programme helped me!

You gave me the enthusiasm to study, the disciplines to learn, correction to improve, knowledge to share and above all a love of great English language!

I have achieved since you taught me such a lot. I have touched on a very broad range of grammar and vocabulary, though (I hope) all with a practical, useful bias for IELTS.

With your programme "Gapfillers" you found ways to make your lessons interesting and full of important information.

Thank you, I discovered the method of learning that suited me best, and I continue to use it this day

Suvarno said:

This gapfillers programme is a very good sources of improvement of English. If anyone is thinking of the ielts exam this sources is very good source for preparation of ielts exam.

Muhammad thinks:

You have to realise that it is not an easy exam if you have not used English for communication in day to day practice. After that, you have to work hard as well as practise what you have learnt and moreover, there should be a teacher available who can support you and suggest improvements which is really most essential in your preparation. This step by step programme is ideal for getting good practise every day as well as advice on strategies and techniques for the exam.

Minh says:

I think this course is useful for every student who wants to take the IELTS exam.

Diana told me:

For long, I had a very low self-esteem after failing 2 tests, which can be prevented if I had been more careful..Thank you for your pieces of advice. You are really a very inspiring and generous teacher. It really feels good if someone keeps on encouraging you to do your best everyday. Hopefully, you will continue enriching and touching the lives of every lost souls like mine.


"So What Exactly Will I Receive with the 'IELTS Step by Step' programme"?


You'll get everything you need:


1. A specially designed lesson every day for 12 weeks. Each lesson will focus on one area and aspect of the exam. It will give you the strategies and techniques to deal with this part of the exam and also provide you with tips and advice. You will then do an exercise based on this exam technique to make sure that you have understood the information and can put it into practice. The lessons are already on the site for you to access them and will stay there in case you miss one or need to revise them.


2. A Facebook group where you can post qiestions and interact with other IELTS students on the programme, exchange Skype details and get together.



So what will it cost you to get your hands on this life changing solution?


Well let's put this into perspective. Just one of the strategies I'm sharing with you can make a huge difference to your performance in IELTS. And that's just one of the many different techniques I'll be covering. Many of my students have used these techniques, transformed their practice, got the IELTS results that they wanted and have now moved on with their careers, study and lives. With results like these, you can see that the information I'll be sharing could easily command a very high price tag.


But this isn't just about the money. This is about giving you a transformation in your IELTS and the chance to move on to your new life. I want to help YOU gain the knowledge you need the way people helped me, and the way I see it, charging £500 or more isn't going to help the people who most need to get their hands on this life-changing information, so that's why I've settled on a price tag of just





But that's not all. I'm also going to throw in these bonuses:

Bonus #1 (value £197)

1 full year's membership to Gapfillers.

As soon as you sign up so that you can access all 8000+ pages of English language exercises and really work on your English skills.


Bonus #2 (value £39.97)

Access to my 6 IELTS webinars.

In these webinars you will learn about what to do and what not to do to get band 7 and 8. They cover reading, writing and speaking as well as general tips on the exam.



So - what will NOT investing in this programme cost you?


In the short term, it may appear that there's nothing much to lose by not saying yes to IELTS Step By Step. After all, you're a busy person and you've already got lots of other books and online exercises to do.


Frankly, if you're delighted with all the practice that you're currently doing, then you probably DON'T need this programme. But the fact that you've read this far indicates that you probably don't have everything YOU need. Or even if you ARE already working with other books and materials, deep down you know that there's still room for improvement.


This programme can provide you with everything you need to get on track for your IELTS Band score NOW. You can either learn those skills and techniques the hard way (probably over many months and hundreds of lost hours), or you can let me show you the short cuts to success.


  • Remember, this training was developed after years of experience and with other IELTS students who have used them and been successful.


  • Remember, it's based on what I learned and discovered in the 'real world' as as IELTS examiner and as an IELTS trainer over many, many years.


  • Remember, I guarantee that you will improve your skills as a result of this programme - and if you are still struggling you can CONTACT ME PERSONALLY and I will help you find out where you are going wrong


You will be delighted with this investment, and very soon making the massive progress that up until now seemed out of your reach.



IELTS Step by Step ProgrammeIELTS Step by Step Programme
IELTS Step by Step Programme

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