A dirty trick




dirty trick



Several attempts by them to free the car all fail. As they rest after the latest failure, they see a farmer approaching them driving some cattle before him.



The farmer stops when he sees the car, and offers to pull it out for £50.

The couple readily agreed, and using the power of his cattle, the farmer has the car freed in minutes.





dirty trick The man looked at the fields surrounding them, incredulously, and asked "When on earth do you have time to plough your land? At night?"





"Oh no" came the serious reply, "night is when I put water in that hole!"



A couple were driving down a country lane to visit friends,when they happened upon a muddy patch covering almost the width of the road.

Their car became bogged down in the mud.


dirty trick





"That's the tenth car I've pulled from that mud today" observed the farmer.





dirty trick





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