Berni Wall


Do you have a dream for your English?


  • As a loyal Gapfillers member I know that YOU are committed to developing your English

  • You know that Gapfillers has everything you need to do this!


  • I know that you will want to do anything you can to make sure that your English skills develop day by day and I want to help you to achieve that.


  • You can take advantage of our expertise as English language trainers to make a real difference to your English and help you to achieve your dream for your English, and your life.


  • If that dream is to get a job, improve your career, get a good degree or for personal development I know that you can get there with the help that we can give you through Gapfillers.

  • How would it be to have an hour of English practice everyday organised for you and at the click of a mouse?

  • How would it be to meet other Gapfillers members for a video chat whenever you wanted?

  • And how would it be to see your English language improving before your very eyes!

I know that this can happen with regular, good practice and the support of good teachers.

I know that many of you want this for yourselves.

I know this because I've been speaking to many of you on Skype.

I also know that I want to make that happen for you and help you to reach your dreams

Will you let me help you?



How to really make a difference to your English day by day

for a whole 12 months

What's included in the programme?


  • Access to all the Gapfillers content

    We have 7,000 pages of exercises on Gapfillers that you can use to keep your English improving. These range from grammar quizzes to crosswords to video exercises.

  • A daily programme of English practice - about 1 hour a day

    With 7,000 pages of English practice it will take some time looking for what you need that is why we have put together a daily programme of practice. Every day (Mon to Fri) there is an selection of exercises which includes grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. Do this every day (Mon to Fri catch up at the weekend if you miss a day) and you will see your English progress.You can even subscribe to the RSS feed to have it come to you - it couldn't be easier!

    Chances to Speak regularly on Skype

  • You will meet with your online tutor every two weeks for a Skype lesson (maximum of 6 in a group) to check your progress and practice your speaking skills. you will also have a 1:1 lesson each month.

  • Email access

    You will be able to email your teacher if you have any problems or need to ask a question

  • Weekly writing practice

    Your tutor will also give you some writing to do which you can send via email and then your tutor wil mark this and return it to you.

  • Interactive games to get involved in!You will not have escaped all the buzz about the Murder Mystery game - but this is just a taster!We have scavenger hunts, quizzes and other role-play games - some with prizes!!

  • Video chats these are group chats held on Gapfillers regularly

    This new feature on Gapfillers it allows you to get real speaking practice! This is similar to the weekly Gapchat but using web cam and headphones using our new video chatbox!

What is this programme worth?

What would it be worth to you to make a huge difference to your English?

The programme costs £750

(that's around £60 per week with no travel costs and unlimited access to study material and great support!)

But that's not all

Gapfillers members pay just £600 (or £500 in one single payment)

(that's less than £50 per week for all of this learning value)

But hurry

This unique offer is only available until December 31st 2012

after that it goes back up to £750


Pay in instalments (deposit of £200 and 4 monthly payments of £100) or a single payment of £500

Yes I want to join this programme!
I want to pay a single payment of £500


I want to pay a deposit now of £200


Contact us if you want to pay over the phone, by bank transfer or have us send you a money request via PayPal. Don't forget to give us your phone number/Skype name for call-back.

Be a part of the Gapfillers experience

Make that decision to really improve your English - we are here to help you!

Berni Wall

My own personal guarantee!

By immersing yourself regularly in English and by taking advantage of everything on the Gapfillers site to improve your skills you will make progress. We have worked long and hard developing the material to help you become better English language users,

If you follow everything on offer and become involved in all the activities and don't make any progress I'll refund your subscription

Still not sure?

Ask me any questions about GapfillersPlus


we'll help you decide if it's the right programme for you

Take action now and start on the journey towards your dream for your life.

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