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Do you want English language skills that will really shine?


  • Are you ready to take the step to great English?


  • Are you somebody who knows that with the right help you can achieve your English language goal?


Some time ago I was teaching in a university in Indonesia. I was asked to teach a special course in the Music department of this university and went along on the first day of the course with a fabulous lecture for the students which I truly felt would blow their socks off! I stood in front of the group and began my lecture. After a few minutes the head of the department came running out in shock! I stopped and heard her say that these students couldn't speak and understand enough English (like the students I normally taught in the English department) and I would have to give the lectures in Indonesian.


For the remainder of the lecture I spoke in English and she translated this into Indonesian. I felt a bit like a parrot, but a parrot with no wings! I wasn't in control of my content, I didn't have a rapport with the students and I had lost the status that goes with being a university lecturer because I was unable to get the heart of my message across to the group. Far from knocking their socks off, I was simply reading from a script and someone else was in control of what I wanted to tell those students.


I could speak quite good Indonesian, that is why they had asked me to deliver this course, but the difference between good, everyday Indonesian and the kind of language mastery I needed to deliver lectures was the difference between chalk and cheese. I needed to be in control of my material, I needed to give these students some wonderful information and I needed them to take me seriously as an expert in this field and understand and share the learning process with me and not with an intermediary.


I decided that the only thing to do was to master the Indonesian I would need to do this. I found someone who could help me to develop the language skills I needed and worked closely with them. Eventually giving lectures in Indonesian became second nature!


  • Does this sound familiar?


  • Are you in charge of your message?


  • Do you sometimes fear that you are not being taken seriously enough for your expertise because you can't always express yourself well in English?


  • Is working through an intermediary frustrating for you?


How would you like to meet colleagues and partners across the world and be as comfortable speaking to them both formally and informally as you are in your own language? How would you like to feel truly confident and not worry about understanding or communicating anything in English? How would it be if you could take meetings and telephone calls in English without anybody else to help you?


I would love to help you with this and I think I know how!


I am launching a new English language programme ™English Language Mastery which I think would be great for you.


(the English Language Mastery programme is mostly delivered online over 3 months using Gapfillers modules and other dedicated E-learning platforms with group and individual speaking sessions)


My vision is to work closely with a maximum of 8 people who want to really get their English to shine.


I know that you are fully committed to the idea of investing in your own potential and this programme could be a big part of that journey for you.


And if you are reading this knowing that you could achieve so much more - with the right support - then you owe it to yourself and your dreams to find a teacher who can take you to the next level - a teacher who won't let you settle for second best - a teacher who believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself!

And if you feel drawn to work with me then you owe it to yourself and your dreams to give me a call. But you will need to take action sooner rather than later as I have space to take just 8 people on English Language Mastery. I want to make sure I have the time and space to give you the level of support that you need to really make a difference to your English language performance.


And another reason to take action now is that we'll be starting in September so even if you really don't know whether this programme is right for you or not - give me a call and we can explore this together. If it's not right then I'll know and I'll tell you.

So either email me - and we'll schedule a time to speak (Skype - rliberni) in the next few days or you can call me directly on 01609 748 175

You owe it to yourself, your dreams and your higher purpose to be the best you can be.

I really look forward to speaking to you soon.


Are YOU ready to take ACTION?

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