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Can you deduce what the correct conversational response might be?

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Do you think I should tell the manager about Jim taking money from the till?

Do you fancy pasta or a quick sandwich?

How about letting me use your house for a week if I lend you my car?

She was furious when she read what her line-manager had written about her standard of work.

Sorry, I can’t make it to the cinema this evening.

Did you apply for that job?

Is it OK if I make myself a quick cup of tea?

Are you going to ring Tracy and ask her to come too?

Sandra’s handed in her notice. She just couldn’t take it any more.

I'm off! See you later!

Oh no – my internet connection has gone again.

I’m not going away on holiday after all.

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Never mind – let’s see if we can meet up next week instead.

I bet she was. I’d have felt exactly the same.

Are you kidding? After her behaviour the other night?

I don’t blame her. I’d have done the same myself.

Has it? Let me have a look and try and fix it.

There are fors and againsts, I suppose. It's up to you in the end.

It's a deal!

No, I decided not to in the end. I just don’t think I’d stand a chance.

Hang on a sec – where are you off to?

I don’t mind – anything’ll do.

By all means – help yourself.

How come? Can’t you afford it?

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