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Take Action and become a Gapfillers Superstar!


  • Are your English skills already quite good but not yet good enough?

  • Are you ready to take your English language skills to the next level?

  • Do you want to be a part of a vibrant English language learning community?


Then read on. This could be the answer!


  • Have you studied English in the past and managed to get to a good upper intermediate or advanced level and now don't know what to do next?

  • Do you want to keep practising your English skills regularly to keep up your level and/or improve it?

  • Is it difficult to attend an English course because of your job or life-style?

  • Do you want to try and study with real, authentic English content?

  • Are you excited and interested in the idea of learning online?


Then ™GapfillersAction is the best thing for you!




  • Having amazing English language practice every day ready for you at the click of a mouse

  • Having a real, live speaking practice with a Gapfillers teacher every week

  • Having the chance to speak live with people who share your English language dream

  • Having conversations with people around the world who share your profession or are preparing for the same exam


How would that change your English and your opportunities for the future?


And all of this is available to you on Gapfillers!


Join our great community as a full member and unlock all these treasures that are waiting for you on the site.


With GapfillersAction you get;


  • to study at a time that suits you, your work and your life-style - complete flexibility - open 24 hours all day, every day!


  • English study material that is taken from newspapers, radio programmes and other sources around the net - we don't adapt it we develop exercises to help you access it better


  • access to a huge variety of learning material reading, listening, writing, vocabulary and much more all with the support of our Gapfillers teachers.


  • the opportunity to join in interactive activities on the site, contribute to our forum and meet other learners in our member home area

  • to join weekly audio/video speaking sessions 


  • get your word of the day via sms (rather than email - your choice)


  • to join smaller groups of people with the same profession or study interests in a unique network to speak together and share knowledge - all in English!


  • great support from our team of very experienced English teachers


And that's not all!


If you are someone who has very little time to learn then we have put together a short study plan with our daily practice unit.


Every day you can find 4 exercises (around 30/40 minutes of work):


  • word of the day (via sms or email)

  • daily grammar

  • daily news video

  • reading, writing or listening exercise


(And, we've set this up as an RSS feed so that you can get it straight to your Google reader or igoogle page!)


Practice makes perfect and with our daily unit you can makes sure that you have exposure to English language practice every day (Monday to Friday - catch up at the weekend if you've had a busy week - we think of everything!)


And what is even more exciting, we are offering all this for a VERY special price!


But hurry - this offer is only for a short period and then it will be gone!


A full Gapfillers subscription usually costs £174.97 ($287 USD) for one year




Our very special Valentine's Day gift to YOU is ONE WHOLE YEAR of EVERYTHING on Gapfillers for JUST £49.97 (approx $80 USD)


That's a steal!


So, step up and sign up NOW!


  • I know that you are committed to being the best you can be


  • I also know that you are the kind of person that TAKES ACTION when they see something that is of great benefit to them


  • I also want you to take ™GapfillersAction and start on your journey to fantastic English TODAY!



GapfillersAction Valentine's Day Subscription!


Pay an annual subscription of JUST £49.97 - Offer closes at midnight on February 26th 2012.



Don't miss the boat!! (miss the boat)


Sign up NOW to take advantage of this very special opportunity to develop your English language skills and get the English you always dreamed of!


Take action Now - after February 26th the price goes back to £174.97


(Please let me know if you are having problems paying via PayPal - I would hate you to miss out and I know that some countries are not on the PayPal list - I can Skype you to make another payment arrangement)




Remember this offer is only for those who are willing to grasp the nettle and start on their amazing English language journey TODAY.


This isn't for people who aren't ready to improve their English skills and don't say; YES COUNT ME IN!!


Take action TODAY and be a Gapfillers STAR!


I'm waiting to help you on your journey towards English language skills that really SHINE!



Still undecided?

Ask any question about ™GapfillersAction and we'll help you decide if it's right for you.

ASK your questions here

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