A week in my life

woman with brolly


Oh, it's too soon to go back to work - I haven't had enough weekend yet!!

Must get up, children to dress, feed and take to child minder.

Just managed to get the train, crowded as ever, didn't get a seat until Piccadilly Circus! Coffee machine on the blink again had to send out.I NEED MY CAFFEINE!

Meetings all day, how do they expect us to get any work done!

Got to child minder late (6.15) stormy face from her - don't blame her but we are all at the mercy of the train system.

The best bit of today was being able to take a bath before bedtime!

Comprehension: A Week in my Life

An English language reading exercise to test your reading skills in English

Answer the questions below

  1. Find evidence to support the fact that some entries are made before the events and some after.
  2. Much of the text is dis-jointed, give 2 examples of this tendency to jump from idea to idea.
  3. Find 3 work-related events and 3 social events in the week.
  4. Why does the writer say 'roll on Monday' at the end?
  5. The writer makes several pleas for things to go well, find 2 of these.
  6. What facts can you state about the writer?

Check your answers


A week in my Life


Have to go to Bristol 8.00 train. Mustn't be late - please co-operate kids!!

I'd enjoy the train journey if I didn't have to do prep for the meeting! Oh please don't put me in the quiet coach!!!

Very dreary meeting - almost fell asleep! Still got the business done and got to go home early too! No point in going back to the office for 1 hour.

Happy child minder, happy children and time to play a game - an unexpected bonus!

Wish the weather had been better then we could've gone to the park....still mustn't complain!


Back on the treadmill!! Early start, late finish, Mum and Dad over for supper what shall we eat? Have to pick something up on the way home - thank goodness for late closing hours!

Supper was fine, parents well, didn't criticise the kids too much! Just as well or Joe might have stormed off (after last time when he found it hard to bite his tongue).

Night night children - don't they look lovely when they're asleep!



A Week in my Life

woman with brolly


One more day to go! (like a kid waiting for the holidays) Those were the good days, being a kid; no worries, no responsibilities - what a life - didn't appreciate it!

OK; staff appraisals - yikes, I'm only half prepared!!

All OK, no major problems! That's it until next year.

Had to leave work after lunch a call from school, Nell complaining of a headache.

Time to get some housework done, great! I'll be meeting myself coming back soon!


End of the week! Hurray! Still mustn't be too dilatory still a day's work to do!

Friday's mood is light for everyone. Excitement at the weekend, talk about plans, hopes for good weather.

I love the weekend; ballet classes, football club, homework, birthday parties and constant taxi-driving for one child or another!

Roll on Monday and back to work for a bit of a rest!



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