IELTS Total Check-Up

IELTS Total Check-up is the best way of finding out exactly where you are with your IELTS Band Score. We test all the parts of your IELTS thoroughly and tell you not only what your mistakes are, but also exactly why you are making them. This is amazing feedback that will show you what to fix and how to fix it.

Whether you are :

  • Just starting your IELTS preparation
  • Have taken the test and not achieved the band you want
  • Or don't know how to move forwards to change your score in the next test

The information I am sharing here will help you to get the score you are looking for. IELTS is a test not a diagnosis so you will receive your score but you won't be told why you got this score and where you mistakes were.To move forward you need feedback, there is no feedback in the IELTS Test - it's the endgame. But if you still need to continue on your IELTS journey and need more steps to get the desired result then sadly, your IELTS result won't give you that.And it's really important to have that feedback otherwise how do you move forwards? 

  • Where do you focus?
  • What exactly do you need to improve
  • How can you organise your study to achieve this

These are very important questions. You need to understand your errors and be able to fix them.This is where teachers come in - they can identify the errors and show you what to fix and how to fix it.

This is what I want to give you TODAY - the chance to find out exactly what is stopping you from getting your band score. 

How would it be if ion the next few days you could find out exactly where you were going wrong in YOUR IELTS?

Wouldn't that be helpful to you?

It would mean that you would know exactly where your mistakes were, exactly how to fix them and show you exactly what you need to practise and how to improve your score (and this can be different from person to person).

This really is the key to making sure you get your IELTS score next time.

What makes me able to help you?

Well let me tell you:

  • I have an excellent track-record with most of my students scoring band s of 7.5 and above
  • I have over 20 years of experience as and IELTS teacher and trainer mostly at Band 7 and above
  • I have 40 years of experience as an English language teacher, so I know about grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation and all elements of English language
  • I was even an IELTS examiner for several years
  • I know exactly what you have to do to get band 7 and 8 in each part of the test

My mission is simple

I simply want you to get the IELTS Band you desire and I believe it is possible for you as long as you know exactly what you have to do

I also believe that you can't improve your score if you don't know WHAT you have to improve.

So I have something very special for you and I want you to say YES help me with this - straight away!

How would it be if:

  1. You could get a Mock Test
  2. A Mock Test that includes everything, even writing and speaking
  3. Get everything corrected - in detail with reasons for why you got the answer wrong
  4. Go that feedback from me in 3 days
  5. Then had a call on Skype to do a speaking test (remember I used to be an IELTS examiner), go over the other results of your test and make a plan to move forward.

Would you say Yes?

This would be very valuable. Finally:

  1. You would know exactly why your score was not at the level you want
  2. You would know exactly what to fix
  3. You would know how to fix it
  4. You would be on your way to IELTS success

You are probably thinking how much is this going to cost? All this expertise in English language and IELTS and my IELTS courses are not the cheapest on the planet.

It might be £150 or £200 for this in-depth review and I could and have charged these prices bit TODAY I really want to help you get things straight and on-track for you so that you can get started on the right IELTS path for your exam.

So, I am offering this Total IELTS Check-Up for just £20 YES you are right £20 gets you this complete review of your IELTS!

I know that some of you will 'bite my hand off' for this but if you are not sure then I'm going to give you 3 Days to think about it and after that the offer will go away.

So, lets recap what you will get:

  1. A complete IELTS Test (either Academic or General Training) - a brand new test
  2. A comprehensive correction of the test by one of my team - an expert IELTS teacher - returned in 3 days. This will correct your results, give you a projected band score and explain why you made the mistakes
  3. Two models from me for the Task 1 and 2 writing sent with the correction
  4. A Listening script sent with the correction so you can check the answers that you had wrong
  5. An invitation to book a call with me on Skype to take a speaking test and also go over your test results and make a plan going forward for your IELTS study

I have years of expertise in doing just this and in a few days you could have a new and solid plan for your next IELTS test. A plan that will show you exactly what you must do to get the score that you want.

  • no more crossing your fingers and hoping
  • no more worrying about whether you are doing the right things
  • no more doubts about how to reach your goal
  • no more IELTS tests that you are not completely ready for

Isn't that worth £20?

But you'll need to act fast

At the end of November the chance to get this will be gone!

Click on the 'Add to Basket' button at the top of this page to get this now

My team and I are waiting for your IELTS test answers so we can give you your IELTS Total Check Up.

We can't wait to give you your feedback and fix your IELTS once and for all.

So go ahead click the button and get started.

The test is waiting for you, all you need to do is download it get started and then send us your results (you'll get an email address to send these to) and we'll do the rest.

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