Berni Wall

Are you a new teacher?

Or maybe in the early stages of your career?

Are you committed to continually developing yourself as a teacher?

Are you excited yet apprehensive about embarking on your teaching journey?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then READ ON this is important information for you.


How would it feel if, as you enter your new career, you had the support of other experienced teachers and could compare notes with other new teachers who are in exactly the same boat as you?


  • Are you a little anxious about your first classes?

  • Do you have lots of questions that you would like to ask?

  • Are there still a lot of things you are not sure about?


Would you like someone to turn to if you get stuck or need some help with something urgently? Would it help you if there was a place where you could get direct help and advice at the click of a mouse? How would it be if that help came from someone you knew and trusted?


Or maybe there are areas that you are interested in learning more about that might help you in your new career.


  • Would you like to know more about technology in English language teaching?

  • Are you interested in finding out more about teaching online?

  • Do you think that a skill in using technology might be helpful in your teaching?

  • Would you like to engage in the online space but don't know how?


Working with technology is something that teachers are facing more and more today and being comfortable with a range of technology tools can enhance and transform your teaching. Teachers are meeting online and sharing ideas and expertise more than ever before. You'll get help to join these conversations and have access to the knowledge and advice that is available there.


Perhaps your questions are closer to home.


  • How do I manage my classroom so that everybody gets the same learning experience?

  • What is the best way to teach advanced level students?

  • How do I keep my learners motivated?

  • My class is mixed level - how can I organise the lessons to suit everyone?

  • How do I teach one to one?


These are things that all teachers grapple with, but when you are new to the job it can be all the more daunting to tackle them as well as all the basics of planning your lessons, getting to grips with the syllabus and finding your way around course books. You'll need support to keep all the balls in the air!


Are you a NNEST (Non Native English Speaking Teacher) who would like a chance to keep developing your own English language skills alongside your teaching?


  • Are you worried that you won't know enough language to cope with every situation?

  • Will you have time to continue developing your own language skills and knowledge at the same time as getting used to your new job?


You will have full access to all our authentic materials on Gapfillers to help you with this and, as a bonus, you can use these in your teaching too! (That also goes for non-nests of course!)


So, have you answered YES to any of these questions? If so then I have a solution for you.

Announcing ™ELTMentor
How to STEP UP to NEW HEIGHTS with your teaching, career and professional development
during the next 12 months

ELTMentor is a programme designed not only to support you through the first year of your teaching but also provide you with the tools and information to continue your professional development throughout your teaching career.


We know that, like us, you are committed to the concept of lifelong learning and believe that to be a truly successful teacher you also need to be a successful learner. That is why we set up ™ELTMentor to encourage dedicated teachers like you to get the support you need as early in your career as possible to ensure a successful start to your job and your dreams for your working life.


So, here it is - ™ELTMentor


  • 10 monthly teleseminars on current teaching topics:

    A seminar each month that will cover practical teaching topics such as skills teaching, using technology, motivation, use of L1 etc.. These can be downloaded if you can't make the live session. Members can nominate topics for this. Transcripts will be available.


  • 2-monthly Q&A session with your group and mentor:

    Mentoring groups are limited to 12 people and each month you can attend a session with your teacher-mentor to discuss any issues that have come up in the past month or any questions you have regarding your current teaching work. The Mentor will prepare a topic for discussion also which will normally come out of threads or questions posted on the forum. 

  • Access to a dedicated ELTMentor forum to share ideas and successes, ask for information, discuss ELT topics

    The forum will be a place to have discussions or post ideas, successes, concerns and questions about anything ELT related. You are always sure to get lots of helpful advice and suggestions from experienced and new teachers alike.

  • Email/Skype access for any problems or help

    You can always contact us by email if you need special help. If you need something urgent or need to speak to someone in person then we can be available on Skype. We really want to support you as much as we can.

  • Access to the Gapfillers E-learning site (

    Gapfillers is aimed at Advanced students. It uses authentic materials covering all the skills, grammar and vocabulary. It also has sections on poetry, short stories and jokes. You can use these materials (if you need this) as language development. You are also welcome to use them in your teaching if you wish.


  • 3 half-day online workshops

    These will be online events and one will be the Pecha-Kucha workshop outlined above. The idea is to go into more detail about one topic in ELT.

  • Priority booking on any residential workshops at Fleetham Lodge

    Residential workshops are held twice a year in the UK at Fleetham Lodge. These are free events (a small charge is made for accommodation/food) but limited to 6 people.

So, are you ready to join ™ELTMentor and take those teaching skills - and your work - to a new level? I'm sure the answer is YES! so click below and get started!!

™ELTMentor Programme
™ELTMentor is a programme designed not only to support you through the first year of your teaching but also provide you with the tools and information to continue your professional development throughout your teaching career.

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In 12 months you could be amazed by what you have achieved



So register now, join us and don't have regrets later!


I'm excited about helping you make the next 12 months the best start to your English teaching career.


Berni Wall



When you choose ELTMentor and join me you AREN'T just saying yes to me, you are saying 'Yes' to yourself. Whatever you have achieved so far you know you are capable of much more so join me and the other dynamic participants of this powerful programme TODAY!



Still Undecided?

Ask any question about ™ELTMentor and we'll help you decide if it's right for you.

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