How Does It Work?

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  • Gapfillers is an online learning experience.

  • A place to hone advanced English language skills - for your IELTS, Work or Study

Gapfillers - simply a place to hang out - in English!

Gapfillers gives you 4 new English language exercises every weekday

3 short exercises

spend just 15 minutes a day developing your skills

  • a word of the day message is sent via email
  • a short grammar quiz online (or on mobile phone)
  • a short news video online with questions

This daily unit makes sure that you do a 'bit' of English practice every weekday

1 longer exercise

When you have more time try a reading, listening or writing exercise.

  • there are longer language exercises online every day - pick them up in Gapfillers latest on the site

  • Monday - writing, Tuesday - reading, Wednesday - listening, Thursday - short story, Friday - more listening

  • we cover a range of topics from business to current affairs to anything we think will be interesting!

These exercises are all authentic, with ungraded English language to test and train your skills and improve vocabulary.


Our member area allows you to join in interactive activities and communicate with other members.


  • Find IELTS speaking partners in member home (reply to a message or post your own)
  • create your own pages and upload photos (get comments from other Gapfillers members and teachers)
  • contribute to the wiki topics
  • post messages and join in online discussions
  • join in our role play and other online games/activities

Our online answer to total immersion, get in the zone and submerge yourself in English language -the Gapfillers experience!

English Literature

If you like literature or would like to know more about it then Gapfillers is a good place to begin!

  • short stories delivered episode by episode with questions to help you follow and understand
  • poetry new and old to read, love and absorb! (we have our own resident poet)
  • poetry and short story archives to dip into
  • the chance to create them yourself!

Keeping in touch

  • RSS feeds mean that you can keep up to date with all the new additions to the site
  • sign up for email or sms alerts
  • everything archived and indexed for easy searching

Long train journeys, airport delays, early check ins, why not log on to the Gapfillers online learning website and post a message, visit the chat room or write a blog?

There is also an option to post your writing to our mailbox and a tutor will mark it and give feedback!


female cartoon'It's like the best course book in the world, only even better because it changes every day!!'

'With Gapfillers I get a quick daily 'injection' of language and there's so much more online to try out when I have more time - fantastic!'

'Gapfillers keeps me practising while I work! I can use the new words immediately and carry my language learning in my pocket!! - amazing!'

Language on the Go for People on the Go!! - you can't lose!

How to Join

how to join

Joining is easy.

Join for free to get the word of the day via email and access to member home

Or become a full member for a month, three months, or a whole year and get new exercises every day plus access to all the archives on the site (now nearly 8,000 pages)!

Find out more about becoming a member.

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