A Christmas Carol - some vocabulary and notes

A few words to help you understand some words and terms.

carol - a religious or secular song or hymn associated with Christmas, (and more rarely, Easter). Many of these go back centuries, and are folksongs sung by carol-singers. Originally these were danced as well as sung, and many have pagan origins, and are not religious at all - the reason why for years they were banned in churches, and so performed outdoors. Nowadays many carols are sung in churches as hymns - ie religious songs.

a scrooge - a person who is mean with money. This word passed into the language originating straight from the novel A Christmas Carol.
point out - make someone aware of a fact or circumstance
Poor Laws - these date back to the 14th century in England, and were efforts to deal with destitute people. Usually churches raised money to house and employ the poor in their parishes, and for some centuries these laws imposed this obligation on church congregations.
workhouse - historical - a public institution in which homeless and destitute people in a certain area received food and lodging in return for work. Also known as the poorhouse, this institution began to be replaced by other forms of accommodation and provision in the early 20th century.
humbug - deceptive or false talk or behaviour
creditor - a person or company to whom money is owed

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