Berni Wall




Are you ready to make big strides with your English?


I've been Skyping with lots of people who are 'stuck' in their English.


I would love to speak to YOU too?


  • People are telling me how they get frustrated and sometimes overwhelmed by trying hard to study English but feeling as though they are not making progress.


  • They say that they are actually quite good at English but when they really need to shine at a presentation, in a meeting, with clients, patients or business partners, they feel that their English lets them down.


  • They want to make that leap from quite good to really good and have the confidence that their message is clear, natural and compelling.


  • Others have told me that they often take somebody else along to meetings and conferences with them because they are afraid that they might not understand everything and that their message might not be 'quite right' when they express it in English.


When I asked them how they felt about other people delivering their message they said it made them frustrated.


"I'm a really good sales manager and I know that I could do this well if only I had better English!"

Achim - Germany



"My story is really important for my clients, I have the charisma to communicate it but my English lets me down"

Antonio - Spain



"When my colleague is speaking my message I feel stupid, I should be telling them not him but my English ......?"

Hideki - Japan



"My partner and I work together and her English is better than mine so she does all the presenting - it makes me feel less important - like a spare wheel!"

Claudia - Argentina


Does this sound familiar? Are you on top of things in English? I asked them about studying more to get to where they want to be. I heard the same stories over and over.


Everybody is learning and trying to find time to improve their English skills but it takes too long and they don't see much improvement.


"I've bought CDs I try to listen to them every day but sometimes I'm just too busy"


"I started an online course but I missed too many lessons and now it's hard to catch up"


"I'd love to go to a teacher every week but I don't have enough time"


"I'm listening and reading English as much as I can but I'm still afraid to use it in formal settings and still rely on colleagues"


Do you have the same problems when trying to improve your English? Learning a language cannot happen overnight and it is all too easy to give up.


  • How would it change your life if you were able to meet every situation confidently in English?


  • How would it make you feel if at your very next meeting, presentation or conference you could do something in English that you hadn't managed before?


  • How would it change your learning if you had someone there all the time encouraging you and helping you to keep going and you could see your English improving before your eyes?


  • And how would it feel to be in a small, select group of learners with goals just like yours?


  • How would this kind of support change your English and your life?


My English Language Mastery is a programme that will help you achieve your dream for your English and your work.


I will only work with 8 people and I want YOU to consider being a part of this group.


I want to speak to you to see if this is right for you - if it isn't I will tell you.


So either email me - and we'll schedule a time to speak (Skype) in the next few days or you can call me directly on 01609 748 175


One reason to take action now! - I want to get started at the end of April.

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